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Triplets - 1 doelings and 2 bucklings born 9/18/2009.
Dam: Poppy Patch Waltzing Matilda - Sire: Everwood Sky's The Limit

Doeling - Aura STL Electra -- Buckling - Lambchop -- Buckling - Phoenix

Twins - 2 doelings born 6/03/2009.
Dam: Boysnbarry Farms Jaina - Sire: VVR M Tumble Weed

Light gold and white with moonspots - Aura TW Hydra - Light gold - Aura TW Gemini.

Triplets - 2 bucklings and 1 doeling born 5/16/2009.
Dam: Adams Funny Farm TR Abbey - Sire: VVR M Tumble Weed

Aura TW CB - Aura TW Little Dipper - Aura TW Callisto.
Congratulations Stephanie Harper on your new Little Dipper.

Triplets bucklings born 5/08/2009.
Dam: Silveraurora's JC Vanilla Roo - Sire: VVR M Tumble Weed

Aura TW Mars - Aura TW Jupiter - Aura TW Saturn

Twins, 2 bucklings born 5/03/2009.
Dam: Adams Funny Farm Sweet Creamry - Sire: VVR M Tumble Weed

  Aura TW Achilles                                  Aura TW Draco

Can't believe both these little bucklings have moonspots.

Triplets, 2 doelings and one buckling born 5/02/2009.
Dam: Mystiques Blue Nutmeg Spice - Sire: VVR M Tumble Weed

  Aura TW Aurora Borealis   -   Aura TW Blue Corona Borealis (blue eyes)   -   Aura TW Hercules

We hit the jackpot again with two doelings and a cute little buckling. I can't decide which one I like the best.

Twins, 2 doelings born 3/17/2009.
Dam: Good Gifts Dairy Goats Chyenne - Sire: VVR M Tumble Weed

  Aura TW Haley's Comet   -   Cheyenne and her doelings   -   Aura TW Isis

Wow, two doelings! We love these little girls. They arrived at 1:00 pm one right after the other, both delivered within 5 minutes.

Triplets, 2 doelings and 1 buckling born 3/12/2009.
Dam: Esperanza WS Dora the Explorer - Sire: VVR M Tumble Weed

    Aura TW Venus (D)     Aura TW Casper the Friendly Goat (B)   Aura TW Pandora (D)

We are thrilled with these kids. They started arriving at 8:00 pm and were ready to eat as soon as they arrived.

Congratulations to the Hardys on their new little buckling.

Single doeling born 3/09/2009.
Dam: Aura BN Taffy (Grade Kinder) - Sire: Anza BN Rocky

Aura R Andromeda

She's such a little cutie and our dog absolutely loves her.

Congratulations to the Hardys.

A doeling born 3/01/2009.
Dam: Ridge Rim Ranch Paris - Sire: Dill Pickles Court Jester

Six Shooters CJ Calypso

We are absolutely thrilled to have this adorable little doe. She was jumping around before she was an hour old.

Congratulations to the Hardys.