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Kidding Notes - 2016

May 18, 2016


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2/2/16 - Take Heart True

Take Heart True, we call her Honey, delivered her quadruplets, 3 bucks and 1 doe on 2/3/16; 146 days after being bred to VVR CRF Dead Eye. Her udder didn't fill as I expected, but there was a marked increase today. She did some baby talk around 4:00 until she started pushing and just prior to having the kids had a mucous string which was a dead give away she was in labor. She wasn't progressing as much as I had expected so I reached in and found three heads all trying to come out. I managed to get the leg and hed of one kid and pulled it out, a buckling, born about 5:30 pm. The second kid came out head first, a doeling, The third kid, a larger buck came out head first. We thought she was done, but at 6:35 she had another little buckling presented perfectly. The kids all appear to be strong, healthy and loud. I think all but the last one have blue eyes. One of them is a cou clair, one is a gold pinto (gold eyes), the other two are dark but not sure what color since they are still wet.


2/3/16 - Aura DK Blue Gingham

Aura DK Blue Gingham, delivered a single buck at 12:45 pm on 2/8/16; 148 days after being bred to Aura BI Meteor. Her udder didn't fill and we honestly didn't think she was bred. On the 6th at about 1:45 we gave her an injection of lutylse thinking it would bring her in heat or put her in labor (ha, ha, she's not bred). The 7th she still looked unbred, so we were hoping she'd come into heat on the 8th. Well, early on the 8th she was digging holes, talking and stringing. We checked her and she wasn't completely dialated but we went ahead and moved her to the barn and waited. At approximately 12:30 she started pushing pretty hard and by 12:45 she presented (perfect presentation) us with a tiny black and white buck.


2/12/16 - Aura FER Solar Flair

Flair delivered her twins, 1 buck and 1 doe on 2/12/16; 146 days after being bred to Aura BI Moonshine. Her udder was really filling the ay before she delivred and on the morning of the 11th she started doing her baby talk, so we knew we were going to have kids. She held out until about 7:00 PM and then presented us with a nice sized black buckling with blue eyes and then a little buckskin doe with moonspots and blue eyes. Both kids were up and within 15 minutes of birth they are nice and strong. It was a textbook delivery.


2/13/16 - VVR CRF Glitter

Glitter delivered her twins, 1 doe and 1 buck on 2/12/16; 147 days after being bred to Aura BI Meteor. She was talking and digging before 7:00 AM. Her udder was decent size and we knew it wouldn't be too long until she delivered. We were disbudding kids when she started her distressed talking and when we walked to her pen she had already presented feet and a nose. We brought her into the barn and dried offer little black and white doe with moonspots. After a few minutes of her continued pusing and only presenting a head I reached in with one finger and was able to hook one front leg to help her deliver her buckling, a beautiful light buckskin with lots of moonspots and blue eyes. It was wonderful because we had friends over who had never seen a goat give birth so they were able to participate. They can hardly wait for their first babies.


2/24/16 - Aura CBM Blue Belle

At 7:15 am on the 24th of February, 145 days after being bred, Blue Belle had dug herself a nice little nest. The night before it looked like she had filled so we weren't surprised that she was ready on the 24th. She was unwilling brought to the barn and put in a kidding pen. We waited until about 9:30 am to check her because there was some discharge but she didn't seem to be progressing as we expected. Upon examination we found the first kid ready to be delivered but with the crown presenting. With an easy manipulation of pulling up the chin and hooking one leg, we were able to get the first doe out. Before we could get the first doe dry, the second one shot out. Both does were alert and quickly got up and started nursing. Blue Belle, however, seemed listless. We checked her out and discovered that she had mastitis in the left side of her udder. She was very ill and we weren't sure she would survive. We have her on antibiotics 2.5cc of penicillin once a day (per our vet), 2 TBS of karo syrup 3x a day, probiotics and have treated her with Today. As of this morning 2/26/16 she is showing improvement. Her udder is still hard, but we will continue warm compresses and Today. We're happy she has started to show some interest in eating.


2/26/16 - Aura FER Solar Flair

Finally Flair is acting like she might have kids, today is 149 days after being bred. Her udder is getting full, she didn't want breakfast, she's talking and has a nice nest where she thinks she'll have her kids. It 12:50 pm and I'm about ready to bring her into the barn. Lots of talking and digging but she didn't get serious until approximately 8:00 pm. Her first kid was head first but still came out with only a little tug since the legs were so far back. The second kid was one leg and the crown of the head. Repositioned the head and he came out with no problem. The third kid was butt and hocks, so I had to go in and find his hooves. Once I had the hooves he slid right out. Well she had three large bucks just like last year. The year before she had two bucks. She's a good buck producer, 8 bucks in three years. But, she is a fantastic milker and very conformationally correct. Her boys are nice and strong and already walking all over the pen and it's only 8:50 pm.


2/29/16 - VVR DE Satin Slipper

Slipper is finally going to deliver her kid. She is at day 148. Only acted any differently a couple hours before she freshened with one little doe kid. Kid came crown first but with a little lift of the chin she came out with no problem.


3/25/16 - VVR FH Bet The Farm

Betty started talking late the evening of 3/25 and wasn't interested in eating dinner. We moved her to the barn and within a few hours (12:15 am) she laid down and with a couple pushes delivered her first kid with a perfect presentation. About 5 minutes later she gave a good push and delivered her second doe kid. Both cou clair doe kids are healthy and Betty is a great mother. Everyone is doing great so we can get to bed shortly after 1:00 am. Last year she was a day early but this year she was almost three days early.


4/23/16 - Aura MB Xanadu

Xanadu had a perfect delivery of twin does about 10:00 am on the 23rd, 147 days from her breeding date. Her udder had increased greatly in size over the two prior days.


5/1/16 - Aura GS Valentine Blues

Valentine was very vocal early on the 1st, five days before her due date. We put her in the barn and she acted crazy. She was screaming and slamming into the walls of her stall. Checked her and everything appeared normal except her. About 10:30 am she delivered her first kid with a normal presentation. It wasn't long between kids, but the second two were breech. The third kid presented on a tail so I snagged his rear legs and pulled him out. All three buck kids were very small but did survive. Valentine was attacked by a dog three weeks before her due date and had gone into labor then, but after we got her calmed down the labor quit. We're attributing the early delivery to the trauma she had from the attack.


5/15/16 - VVR AK Grey Skye

Skye started talking early afternoon of 5/15; 146 days after she was bred. We put her in the barn and a couple hours later we have a perfect delivery of a beautiful black roan buckling with blue eyes and moonspots.


5/17/16 - VVR L Fawn

Fawn started talking early the morning of the 17th. We put her in the barn to keep an eye on her. She dug holes and did some pacing and some pushing. By 3:00 pm she presented the head of her first kid. Rather than try to get the legs we pulled the kid by the head; it was a big beautiful loud marked buckskin doe with moonspots and blue eyes. Fawn doted over her kid for 30 minutes then started pushing again with no results. I went in and felt the spine of a kid. It took a few minutes to figure out what was what. The kid was in a ball and I couldn't find the head. I finally found two back legs and was able to pull the kid. The head caught on the pelvic girdle, but was able to work it free. The second kid was a loud marked buckskin buck. Both kids were on the large size. According to Fawn's previous owner Fawn was due on the 24th, but based on the size of the kids I feel they were not premature. Bolused Fawn since I had gone fishing; gave her banamine and put cool iced water on her vulva to reduce swelling. She and her kids are doing well.


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