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June 3, 2016


Bucks Sr. Does First Fresheners Jr. Does Nursery

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Prices quoted are for animals picked up at the farm; additional charges including kennels, health certificates, shipping costs, etc., are the responsibility of the buyer. Any additional testing requested/required, will be added to your bill. Unborn kids can be reserved with a non-refundable $50 deposit. If the kid of your choice is unavailable we will either apply your deposit to another kid at your request or you can wait for the next breeding. A non-refundable $100 deposit will hold the animal of your choice (if already born) for up to one month, while shipping arrangements are made. After 30 days, if transportation or shipping has not been arranged, a $2.50 per day boarding charge per animal will apply. If you have not picked up or shipped within 45 days, the goat becomes the property of Aura Acres and all monies are forfeited.

All goats are ADGA and/or AGS registered or registerable unless noted, or sold as wethers or pets.
We reserve the right to remove or change the price of any animal on the sale page.

Please check the nursery for kids. We have LOTS of them available.


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