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Other bucks that will be added to my website are: VVR CRF Dead Eye, Aura BI Moonshine, Aura BI, Meteor and Aura AN Blue Denim


Born: 4/24/14

     SS: AGS CRF Castle Rock Ferregamo
     SD: AGS VVR FH Six Shooter

       DS: VVR FH Caspian Prince Haku
D: Crisdahl's Alani Noell
     DD: VVR LM Leading Lady



Miracle Kids CM Admiral Nelson

Born: 01/07/12

     SS: Karim's King Arthur
S: MCH Miracle Kids Captain Morgan E (92.1)
       SD: Starbucks Biscotti

       DS: Sunrise Farm Aidan
D: Sunrise Farm Heroine
     DD: Steele Ballew Heartbreaker


Admiral Admiral Admiral

Alethia CTO Moon Beam

Born: 1/21/11

     SS: Rosasharn WT B-Bo *S (grandson of ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D/3*M E91 - ADGA 2010 Reserve Nat'l Champ/AGS 2007 Nat'l Champ)
S: Rosasharn BB Cento *B
       SD: GCH Rosasharn P Haiku 4*D (2010 ADGA National Champion Senior Doe/National Best Udder)

       DS: AGS Copper Penny Royal Kaliber
D: CH Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna (LA VEVE 90)
     DD: CH AGS Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*D E90



6/04/11 Junior Champion Buck
Lynn Fleming - LVDGA Show, Chino

6/04/11 Junior Champion Buck
Chuck Pederson - LVDGA Show, Chino


Beamer is long and level with nice angulation. With the fantastic bloodlines he comes from we are expecting a buck that will help produce everything we could want in a dairy goat. Thank you so much Dana for letting us add this beautiful boy to our herd.

Beamer's paternal grandam, Rosasharn P Haiku 5*D, was the 2010 ADGA National Grand Champion and best udder Sr. Doe, she's also achieved ADGA 2010 Top Ten Butterfat and Protein.

Beamer's dam is a champion and appraised at VEVE 90 in 2011. His maternal granddam is a finished champion and appraised at EEVE 90 in 2010 and 2011.

Reference Bucks

DesertNanny AB Kokopelli SOLD

Born: 03/04/11

     SS: DF Farms UM Ursa Major
S: DesertNanny UMA Astro Boy
       SD: GCH IronwoodRanch Peppermint Patty 4*D 4*M AR

       DS: +B DF Farms HD Barney Rubble +S 85V
D: DesertNanny BR KickingBird 4*D 4*M AR
     DD: DesertNanny Icy BlueTailFly 3*D 3*M V



Cottonwood Ranch Blue Illusion SOLD - V. Bridgeman

Born: 05/25/12

     SS: CH Mystiques BN Como
S: Cottonwood Ranch Charlie
       SD: VVR M Butterscotch

       DS: Copper Penny Maverick
D: VVR M Butterscotch
     DD: Copper Penny RR Cascade


Blu Blu

Aura VL Gun Slinger SOLD - G. Torres

Born: 03/14/2013

     SS: Mystiques BN Como
S: VVR MC Locomotion
       SD: Chenango-Hills Paisley Print

       DS: Copper Penny Chuck Wagon
D: VVR CW Show Down
     DD: Poppy Patch RC Prima Donna


Gun Slinger Gun Slinger Gun Slinger

Aura VL Wyatt Earp - Sold

Born: 03/14/2013

     SS: Mystiques BN Como
S: VVR MC Locomotion
       SD: Chenango-Hills Paisley Print

       DS: Copper Penny Chuck Wagon
D: VVR CW Show Down
     DD: Poppy Patch RC Prima Donna


Wyatt Earp Wyatt Ear[ Wyatt Earp

Vista's Bear King (22.25") - Sold

Born: 03/30/12

     SS: Poppy Patch Rollick 'N' Roll
S: Alethia RR Honey Bear
       SD: MCH Algedi Farm DJ Honey Dew

       DS: PromisedLand CP Gold Dust *S
D: Silver Creek GD QueenofHearts 'E'
     DD: 4Fun Little Jambalaya 4*D


Bear Bear

Olivewood RT Irish Whiskey - Sold - Cummings Family

Born: 03/17/2014

     SS: ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L
S: Rosasharn TL Thunderbird
       SD: Rosasharn M Leyenda

          DS: AGS Rosasharn TL Ushikai
D: Proctor Hill Farm AndThenSome
       DD: AGS Hill Country's KW Sheezallthat


Picture Coming Soon

NC PromisedLand RC Salvatore *S - Sold - Cindy Davis - Rosamond

Born: 3/02/09

     SS: Rosasharn's Tiger L
S: Rosasharn TL Cauldron +B
       SD: Rosasharn's UK Witch-Hazel

       DS: SG AGS NC Promisedland MG Beau +B
D: SGCH NC Promisedland Sunni-Beau-No 2*M
     DD: SGCH AGS Promisedland Good Day Sunshine 1*M



5-months-old                             4-years-old if you look close you can still see his moonspots under the long coat          

Sal has some pretty impressive goats in his pedigree. His sire, Cauldron is a Tiger L son, and coincidentally is linebred on Tiger L. Cauldron's littermate sister Rosasharn TL Bewitched is also an ARMCH doe. Cauldron's dam, Witch Hazel, was named Best Udder at the 2005 AGS National Show. Cauldron's paternal grand dam, Water Lily, was the 2000 National Champion, and a Top Ten producer for 2000, 2001, and 2003.

Sal's dam, ARMCH NC PromisedLand Sunni-Beau-No 3*D, is a daughter of ARMCH PromisedLand GoodDay SunShine *M 2*D E91. She has full sister, 1 maternal half sister, and 2 paternal half sisters who have earned GCH titles. Consistent champion genetics here! She goes back to Caesar's Villa and Willows lines which we so admire here! She milked 827 lbs as a 2 year old in 250 days.

With all these wonderful genetics, Salvatore should produce fantastic milkers and mammaries, oh and don't forget general appearance and possible moonspots! He is producing moonspots on over 50% of his offspring.

Aura VL Crazy Blue Moon - Sold - Cindy Davis - Rosamond

Born: 01/22/2013

     SS: Mystiques BN Como
S: VVR MC Locomotion
       SD: Chenango-Hills Paisley Print

       DS: CRF Castle Rock Ferragamo
D: Aura FER Solar Flair
     DD: Aura TW Aurora Borealis


Blue Moon Blue Moon Blue Moon

Rosasharn SP Almond Roca *B - Sold - Gayle Thompson-Torres - Leona Valley

Born: 05/01/2008

     SS: MCH AGS Doe-Sy-Doe FS Storm Warning
S: ARMCH Rosasharn SW Soporro *S E (LA 91)
       SD: 3*M ARMCH Rosasharn's Unagi 3*D 'E'

       DS: AGS Doe-Sy-Doe's Patte'n
D: Rosasharn’s P Pennsylvania 4*D, 4*M, VEEA 84
     DD: AGS Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lilly



Almond Roca is very long and level with nice rear leg angulation. We're hoping he will add dairy character and beautiful capacious udders with lots of attachment.

Rosasharn SP Honeys' Cyclone - Sold - Chris Gregore

Born: 05/17/2008

     SS: MCH AGS Doe-Sy-Doe FS Storm Warning
S: ARMCH Rosasharn SW Soporro *S E (LA 91)
       SD: 3*M ARMCH Rosasharn's Unagi 3*D 'E'

       DS: MCH OTR Magics M Heracles +S AR
D: ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D 'E' 3*M EEEE 91 (2007 AGS Nat Ch & Best Udder)
     DD: ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*D 'E' 2*M EEEV 91 (2005 AGS Na CH at age 10)



Cyclone is the dairy animal everyone dreams about. He has that fantastic uphill stance with a fantastic front end assembly and smooth blending throughout. He comes from a dam who excels in milk production and will hopefully pass that on to his daughters.

VVR Willie CRM Wonka@Kari-On - Sold - Cindy Davis - Rosamond, CA

Born: 2/27/11

     SS: The Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce +*B
S: CRF Castle Rock Maserati
       SD: AGS Lost Valley TB Infinity

       DS: AGS Copper Penny Chuck Wagon
D: AGS VVR CW Show Down
     DD: AGS Poppy Patch RC Prima Donna


Willie is about as dairy as they come. He has that nice fine loose skin, beautiful legs, lots of space between the ribs and a fantasic disposition to pass on to his offspring. His dam and both granddams have gorgeous udders.

Adobe Acres HH Sydney - Sold Carly Vinson - Victorville, CA

Born: 3/23/10

     SS: Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter
S: Algedi Farm DJ Hunk Of Honey
     SD: CH Rosasharn UMT Tupelo Honey

     DS: Algedi Farm Desperado
D: Algedi Farm D Maia
     DD: CH Rosasharn TL Zenith


Syd Syd Syd

Syd's sire, Hunka Honey, is a full brother to two finished champion does. One of these is GCH/MCH Algedi Farm DJ Honey Dew 1*M, who appraised at EEEE 91 on Linear Appraisal in 2010. She also has four ADGA Best Doe In Shows, and eight GCHs. This year is the first year she's been shown as a milker. She is four years old, and has freshened twice. Her littermate sister is a doe named CH Algedi Farm DJ Splash O'Honey, who appraised at VVEE 89 in 2010, and got an E in udder texture.

Their dam, CH Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D now has three ADGA BDIS under her belt as a seven year old, and appraised at EEEE 91 in 2010. Tupelo is a daughter of the Reserve ADGA National Champion in 2010, ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D EEEE 91.

Syd's granddam, Zenith, appraised at EEVE 90 in 2010.

Syd's dam, Algedia Farm D Maia has her dry ADGA leg, and one milking leg, so she only needs one more ADGA win to be a finished champion. Her litermate sister is CH Algedi Farm D Capella who easily finished as a first freshener, and appraised at VEEE 89 as a first freshener.

CRF Castle Rock Ferragamo - Sold - Brenda in AZ (11/08/11)

Born: 2/15/08

     SS: Rosasharn TF Honey Bear*S
S: Rosasharn HB Mithrandir *S
       SD: ARMCH/GCH Rosasharn's TL Arwen 8*D EX

       DS: Promisland CP Yellowjacket
D: MCH/PGCH Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven
     DD: Pecan Hollow Bonnie Blue


Ferragamo Ferragamo
Show Wins
5/8/2010 - Golden Triangle Dairy Goat Show, Chino - Dan Laney - Grand Champion
5/8/2010 - Golden Triangle Dairy Goat Show, Chino - Sam Whiteside - Reserve Grand Champion
5/8/2010 - Golden Triangle Dairy Goat Show, Chino - Ed Jodlowski - Grand Champion

VVR MC Bazooka - Sold Peggy Wright - Atascadero, CA

Born: 11/20/08

     SS: Mystiques SG Blue Nuggett
S: Mystiques BN Como
       SD: PGCH MYS DSO Tuscan Sun Blues

       DS: Chenango-Hills UR Ringbearer *S
D: Chenango-Hills Paisley Print
     DD: GCH AGS Doe-Sy-Doe's Ariel 3*D AR1970(LA 87 ++EE)GCH/BOB 5 times, BIS once



Bazooka is black and white with gorgeous blue eyes and is very dairy. He should pass on milk production and longevity, good-sized teats and well attached udders, with butter soft texture.

Double Sundog SN Blue Jentry

Born: 4/02/09

     SS: DesertNanny Icy Blue Bolt *S
S: Flying Moons BB Sinatra
       SD: Wood Bridge Farm Vo De Oh Doe

       DS: Double Sundog HN Macadamia
D: Double Sundog MD Havasu Sass
     DD: Dreams Come True Obie *D



Jentry oozes dairy character and has a gorgeous long neck and long body with nice straight legs in the front and beautiful angulation and width in the rear. Thank you Patrick Collins of Irish Rose Acres for letting us add Jentry to our herd.

Dill Pickles Court Jester

Born: 4/15/02

     SS: Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder - PGCH
S: Twin Creeks Thunder's Mercutio
     SD: Twin Creeks Midsumernitedream - PGCH VG

     DS: Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch
D: Twin Creeks BW Bear Cat
     DD: Caesar's Villa STS Panda


Jesse Jesse Jesse

*B Old Mountain Farm Triumph Tulip*S

Born: 1/30/09

     SS: PromisedLand CP Seymore Spots *S
S: NC Promisedland SS Hot Stuff *S
       SD: GCH 1*M ARMCH PromisedLand CP Lil BoPeep*D E92

       DS: Woodhaven Farms Neon Eclipse 'VG'
D: 1*M Old Mountain Farm Tulip *D 'VG' AR 2103
     DD: Stonewall India Wilkes



Triumph is long and level with nice angulation. He should throw dairy character and beautiful capacious udders with lots of attachment. Thank you so much Cheryle for letting add this beautiful boy to our herd.

VVR Frankie - Sold - Kirk Clark - Barstow

Born: 3/19/09

     SS: Mystiques SG Blue Nuggett
S: Mystiques BN Como
       SD: PGCH MYS DSO Tuscan Sun Blues

       DS: Ponders End The Full Monty
D: Poppy Patch FM Starlett
     DD: Sugar Creek's PG Jane Seymour



Frankie is black and white and has blue eyes. He has that nice uphill stance that is so desirable. He has a nice long body even though you can't tell it in these pictures since he is a little on the portly side.

DesertNanny BF Fire `n Ice


Born: 5/06/09

     SS: DesertNanny Jack Sparrow
S: DesertNanny JK BlueFlame
       SD: DesertNanny Icy Blue Pearl *D 1*M VG, V

       DS: DF Farms HD Barney Rubble
D: DesertNanny BR CornMaiden
     DD: DesertNanny Icy BlueTailFly 3*D 3*M V



Fire `n Ice is a BlueFlame son. He is squarely built with a very nice front end and great feet and legs. He has width between the hocks and is a small boy with lots of dairy potential

Jocar-Farms Eoghans (pronounced Owens) Last Image

DOB: 4/10/2008

     SS: Flat Rocks Maestro
S: Flat Rocks Eoghan
     SD: Flat Rocks Mainigh

     DS: Big Enuf SL Image of the Moon
D: DC Miniatures Checkers
     DD: PGCH Woodhaven Farms Alexa *D


Image Image

We're hoping Image will pass the great udder genetics Flat Rocks is known for. He is nice and wide in the rear with good angulation to his legs.

Show Wins
6/5/2010 - Lost Valley Dairy Goat Association Show, Chino - Bob Barthalomew - 1st and Reserve Grand Champion

*Dallas Tyler Civil War

Born: 3/10/10

     SS: MCH/CH Lost Valley KW Orion *S
S: Prairie Wood Huckleberry *S
       SD: Prairie Wood Player 1*M *D

       DS: +B Twin Creeks Icy Hot +*S
D: DesertNanny Icy Blue Cameo *D 88.3VG
     DD: MCH Esperanza MB Vanilla Truffle


Civil War

Civil War is long and level with beautiful angulation to his rear legs. We're hoping he will throw dairy character and beautiful capacious udders with lots of attachment.

Lil Roughnecks Fuddy Duddy

Born: 3/13/10

     SS: DF Farms NH Every Day Hero
S: DF Farms EDH Captain America
       SD: DF Farms FS Lunar Wax-N-Wane

       DS: Sun Valley Elfin Magic
D: Adams Funny Farm Alexis
     DD: Artist's Eye Espirit



Show Wins

5/31/10 - 2 RGCH Jr Buck - TMGC - (1 Restricted Leg)


In order to be fertile, goats need to have a good mineral balance in their systems, with the two most important minerals for fertility being copper and selemium. If your doe has a rough terrier-type texture of her coat, the liklihood of her settling is much lower, as this is a sign of mineral (usually copper) deficiency. Weak heats are also a sign of mineral deficiency. If the mineral balance gets better, heat signs are usually stronger. Another sign of copper deficiency is a lighter color coat, ie. black goat turning brown or a gold goat turning white. We use free choice Sweetlix Goat Minerals, a sheep and goat mineral will not work as there is no copper in it. We also copper boluse and Bo-Se (a selenium/vitamin E shot) a couple times a year.

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