Shooting Star Carousel - DOB: 3/30/08

Shooting Star Tumbleweed Woodhaven Farms Buck Owens Woodhaven Farms T.K.O MCH Stardust Knickerbocker E PGCH Goodwood Rosie's Ambassador
Stardust Angel
PGCH & MCH Flat Rocks Opal 2*D Flat Rocks Mighty Mike
MCH Flat Rocks Surprise*D
Woodhaven Farms Roxanne Flat Rocks Swashbuckle Buckaroo Flat Rocks Gem
Flat Rocks Treasure
Woodhaven Farms Jane Doe Hayseed Buffalo Bill
HBF Madison
PGCHMYS Desert Rose "E" Prairie Wood Double Stuff Oreo Prairie Wood Blue Jubal Tin Acres Jubal Blue
Tin Acres Kathy
Prairie Wood Palisade Willows Kickback
Piddlin Acres Speedy Bea
Prairie Wood Moonlight Sable Inavale Fantastic MCH Goodwood Mr Moonlight
Joyspring Fantasia
Prairie Wood Gingham Prairie Wood Prancer
Tin Acres Peaches
Esperanza WS Zora MCH/PGCH Ponders End MTB Wall Street VG Twin Creeks PD Money in the Bank +S VG MCH/PGCH Willow Creek Paydirt Willow Creek Hoodlum
Goodwood Milkweed
MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink's Pixie *D E Goodwood Mr. Periwinkle +S
Dav-Lyn Twinkle Toes 'E'
Ponders End Spokesmodel VG It'l Do's Arapaho Goodwood Loganberry D-5498
It'l Do's Lucy D-4456
Ponders End Maximum Cheers Flat Rocks Maximum Return
New Road Ranch Lilith VG
Esperanza ZZ Sedona Snowstorm Ponders End ZZ Top Twin Creeks BH Bravado *S Twin Creeks Braveheart+S'E'
Far-n-Best Mopsy*D 'VG'
MCH Ponders End Maximum Praise 'E' Flat Rocks Maximum Return
New Road Ranch Fiesta
Esperanza Evening Primrose Piddlin Acres Crown Royal Piddlin Acres Neon Deion
Redbud Mopsy's Kahlua 'E'
Ponders End Picabo Passion It'l Do's Arapaho
Casita De Chivitos Cherish
This pedigree is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.