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Below are links to helpful infomation:

Getting a Goat - Why do you want a goat? - Fantastic information from Fiasco Farm

Goat Care - Caring for your new goat - Aura Acres

Goat Anatomy

Goat Injection Sites

Digestive System

Goat Stomach

Dairy Goat Parts

Cool Weather Grooming

Recipes - will add more in the future

House That Dave Built

Trimming Goat Hooves Video - The Goat Mentor

Enterotoxemia - Article by Sue Reith

Coccidiosis - Treatment I Use

Nigerian Dwarf History by Tom Rucker

Nigerian Dwarf Colors

Raw goat's milk offers many benefits.

Inducing Kidding in Goats by William Braun, Jr., DVM

Floppy Kid Syndrome from from Pipestone Veterinary Catalog

Fiasco Farm Website - Lots of helpful information on goats

Build your own milk stand - Fiasco Farm

NEW - Information about reproduction, kidding presentations, etc. - Very informative - Fainting Goat Guild

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