Rosasharn’s P Pennsylvania 4*D, 4*M, VEEA 84

Sire: Doe -Sy-Doe’s Patte’n
Dam: Rosasharn Tom’s Bit-A-Lilly 3*D

21.5″ DOB 6/15/03

“Penny” is, in our opinion, our most stylish and elegant doe! She levels out on the move beautifully. Her grace and balance between width and dairy character are excellent. This doe has amazing general appearance: she is strong across the topline, gracefull and deep throughout with strong feet and legs and width to match her dairy character. A lovely udder too: very smooth fore. It is, as one judge put, “Just socked right up in there.” It is so high and tight that we can’t see it all. Her offspring consistantly inherit her style (see our California Twirl and Virginia Reel). She freshened for the first time at three years of age. This has put her at a disadvantage in the show ring. She hasn’t had as many freshenings or as much capacity as some other does in her age class. We wish her teats were a bit longer. More than one judge has commented that she represents the ideal in dairy goat conformation.

Show record:
many blues
1 X Rs. Grand JR. AGS
1 X Grand Ch. JR. AGS
3 X Rs. Ch. Sr. ADGA 
1 X Grand Sr. ADGA