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June 3, 2015


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1/14/15 - Aura BAZ Daisy

Daisy freshened at 4:30 pm on 1/14/15; 148 days after she was bred. She didn't talk or have any discharge prior to going into labor. Her first kid was a 3 pound buck and her second kid was a 3.5 pound buck; both presented with no problems and not even a peep out of Daisy. Her third kid was a tiny doe kid (1.5 pounds) and she was presented in breech position but so small she just slid out. Placenta was presented within an hour.


1/16/15 - Aura AR Jasmine

Jasmine freshened at approximately 2:30 pm on 1/16/15; 150 days after breeding. Jasmine started digging the night before and talking the morning before she freshened. Her first kid was a small doe. She waited about 30 minutes before she had her second kid which was a buck and it was another 30 minutes before she had her final kid. All kids were presented normally and she lost her placenta within an hour. Jasmine was a sissy and cried even when you touched her anywhere. She wasn't dialated as much as I would have liked, so she did tear when she had her kids.


1/26/15 - VVR CW Show Down

Show Down finally started showing signs of labor at about 9:30 am 1/26/15. I was beginning to think I had written down the wrong breeding date; she's at 151 days after breeding. She did minimal talking and digging. We put her in a kidding pen and she didn't really get serious until about 6:00 pm. That's when she started digging and pacing. At 6:40 she laid down and started pusing and delivered her one buckling at 6:45 pm. He is a large kid, weighing 5.5 pounds. Within 15 minutes he was up and so was she. He finally found the udder about 8:00 pm. He drank his fill was bouncing around the pen and now he's laying down resting. It's amazing how active he is at less than two hours old. Show Down is a very attentive mother and already acting like she never gave birth. She up begging for food. This was a very easy birth in spite of the large kid.


2/9/15 - Aura FER Solar Flair

Flair only started getting milk a couple days before she actually freshened. She started showing signs of labor about 9:00 am 2/9/15. She was talking and digging. She delivered a single large buck at 3:00 pm with no difficulty. She was due on the 7th of the month and this is the first year she has gone over. She passed her afterbirth shortly after her buckling was born.


2/12/15 - Coyote Moon Chocolate Temptress

Temptress was another doe that didn't even look bred. She didn't start forming an udder until the day before she delivered. The afternoon of the 12th we thought she'd be at least a couple more days before she had her kids, but without any warning she delivered an average sized doe at 9:30 pm; 149 days after breeding. Passed her afterbirth 15 minutes later.


2/14/15 - VVR FH Bet The Farm

Betty freshened at approximately 10:00 am on 2/14/15; 144 days after breeding. Hooray, I got my Valentine babies. I thought she was going to go early because she was doing a little talking the day before and had filled with milk and her ligaments were gone. Her first kid was a little black doe and 15 minutes later she presented us with a mostly white buckling and then almost immediately she had her third kid, a cou clair doe. It took her almost 2 hours before she lot her afterbirth. All kids were presented normally with no problems. Since her kids were delivered on Valentines Day, we named them Arrow, Valentine Blues (blue eyes), and Sweetheart.


2/14/15 - Proctor Hill Farm AndThenSome

Andy freshened at approximately 11:00 am on 2/20/15; 148 days after breeding. Her udder had been filling for a couple weeks and we weren't surprised at all when she started talking and digging early on the 20th. She was pushing quite hard when I determined it was time to see if there were any problems. I washed up and went in to find a butt and two hocks. As soon as I pulled the rear legs out she had no problem delivering her first buck. The second buck was right behind and came out in the traditional head and front feet. After giving her a chance to clean her kids and rest a little, I decided to go in again since after bouncing her we knew there was at least one more kid. When I went in I found two feet but was having trouble finding the head. After searching I finally found the head down between the front legs. By the time I pushed the kid back and got the head up, the legs had gone back in, so I just pulled the kid by the head and he was fine. Again we bounced her and felt another kid. The kid wasn't coming, so I went back in again and found a kid in a little ball. After further searching I found the rear legs and was able to pull the baby out. Finally I got a cute little doe. There were a total of 3 bucks (2 with blue eyes) and one doe. They're all doing fine and are of good size. Mom is doing great too.


2/27/15 - DesertNanny IM Pink Berry

Berry freshened at approximately 2:30 pm on 2/27/15; 144 days after breeding. She started talking at 11:00 am. Nothing unusual about her delivery. She presented her buck with nose and front feet and had a successful delivery of her one buck. He's a beautiful dark gold and white pinto.


2/27/15 - Aura MB Xanadu

Xanadu freshened sometime between 6:00 and 8:00 pm on 2/27/15; 142 days after breeding. I can't believe I missed it. I looked at her earlier and her udder hadn't filled and she showed no signs of labor. I did tell Bob that she would probably go early because she wasn't getting up to run to me like she usually does. Well, I should have checked more closely because where I saw her laying was where she had her beautiful doe kid. We're having a very unusual kidding season with lots of singles this year. But, everyone is exceptionally healthy.


3/2/15 - Aura Sen's Haiku

Haiku freshened with triplets at approximately 4:00 pm on 3/2/15; 145 days after her first breeding date. Her udder filled nicely by the morning of the 2nd and she started baby talking about 2:00 pm. Her first two kids, both does, came without a glitch. I thought she was done and ran to the phone to call Bob to see if he was heading home from the feed store. When I got back to her, she had a kid with a rear leg completely out. The kid had to be pushed back in and then I had to find the second rear leg and get the kid pulled out. It was an easy fix. I thought I had another doe kid and was thrilled. Bob came home and checked the kids and the last kid was really a buck. Oh well, it's still a buck year for us. Haiku's colostrum was so thick we had to milk her out because it wasn't coming out of the udder. Once we got a couple cups of colostrum it seemed to thin out so the kids could then nurse after having their first colostrum from a bottle. The second born had the funniest looking floppy ears and they had to be taped up but I waited until she was 3 days old thinking they would come up by themselves; they didn't. The second born also never would nurse on Haiku after having her first feeding with a bottle.


3/3/15 - Take Heart True

Take Heart True, we call her Honey, delivered her triplet bucks on 3/3/15 starting at 11:00 am; 145 days after breeding. Her udder wasn't as full as I expected, but there was a marked increase the day she freshened from the previous day. She did some baby talk and just prior to having the kids had a mucous string which was a dead give away she was in labor. Her first kid came with one hock in the birth canal. We had to straighten both of the back legs and then the kid came with no problem. The second kid came head first and no legs as did the third. Luckily we were able to pull the kids by the head without going in for the legs and they were fine. There were three beautiful little bucks all with blue eyes.


3/7/15 - Aura MB Pecan Sandee

Sandee, delivered her twins, a buck and doe on 3/7/15 at 8:20 pm; 144 days after breeding. She started baby talk about 3:15 today and was quite vocal about 6:30 pm. When we put her in a kidding pen she calmed down and ate a little. At 8:15 pm she let out one grunt and within seven minutes she had both kids out. Absolutely no problems. The kids were active and up and walking within 15 minutes. That was a really quick easy birth.


3/9/15 - Aura VL Tahoe Blue

Tahoe, delivered her triplet bucks on 3/9/15 at 9:15 pm; 146 days after breeding. She started baby talk about 7:00 am am. When we put her in a kidding pen she calmed down and ate a little. At 9:15 pm we looked at the monitor and she pushed and out came a kid. We ran to the barn and by the time we got there another kid was on it's way out. She never let out a peep. The first kid was up and looking for the udder before she had her third little buck. Again a very quick labor with an elapsed time of about 10 minutes. Anyone want a beautiful, small, blue-eyed buck with a nice long neck. All we've gotten from him are boys. They are beautiful kids and we are keeping one of them, but enough is enough.


3/10/15 - VVR CRF Glitter

Glitter's udder was very full on the evening of the 9th, she didn't start her baby talk until early on the 10th. By 8:00 it was obvious the kids would be here soon. At 9:10 she delivered her first kid, a dark buckskin. Textbook delivery. By 9:15 she delivered a lighter buckskin doe. Again, a textbook delivery. Only unusual thing is the afterbirth was coming out before the second kid so we thought she was done after the first one. It's 9:35 and mom and kids are doing well. Her deliver was 146 days after her breeding date.


3/15/15 - Aura PS Harlequin Romance

Very little talking and not much of an udder, but an easy delivery on 3/15/15 of a single doe kid; 146 days after breeding.


3/14/15 - Aura PS Swiss Miss

Missy did a lot of talking and her udder was full on the March 14; 144 days after she was bred. At 8:30 pm she was pushing and digging. Upon checking her, I found a set of ribs presenting. I was able to reposition on the kid and pull it out by his rear legs. Shortly after the first buck a second one arrived in perfect position. We waited another half hour and then had to go in again to get the third buck. He was in a ball and it took a bit of time to find a matched set of legs. He was pulled breech and the kid was fine. Missy was fine after delivery and so were the three bucks.


3/16/15 - SDK's BOH Denim Pocket

Pocket delivered a chocolate and white doe kid at about 6:00 pm on the 16th; 145 days after breeding. She really didn't show any signs and her milk didn't come in until about three days after delivery. She did have a small amount of milk which was enough to support her one kid. She had no problems with the birth.


3/17/15 - VVR AK Grey Skye

At 8:00 pm Skye went into labor. She only had a small udder and was one day early; 144 days after breeding. She did act like she was going to freshen so we had moved her into the barn. She gave us one doe kid with no problems.


3/19/15 - Aura DK Dark Starr

Starr was three days late freshening; 148 days after breeding. She presented us with a doe kid and then a little buck. At first I thought we had two does, but as soon as the little boy urinated I knew I had made a mistake and rechecked the sexes of the kids. Perfect delivery, one buck and one doe.


3/23/15 - Castle Rock Meria

Meria filled with milk on the 22nd and had been digging holes for days. Her appetite was quite active and everytime I checked on her she was eating for the last few days of her pregnancy. Early in the morning on the 23rd she seemed to be more full and there was a slight discharge so we moved her to the barn. She never did talk, just made nests. About 2:00 pm she delivered her first kid, a small chocolate doe. Within a few minutes of her first kid she presented us with a flashy black and white buck. But as expected she had one more kid and it was another doe. Poor Meria has been waddling around her pen for a month, she is a tiny doe and three kids were a lot for her to carry. The delivery was another textbook delivery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

6/3/15 - Aura AN Rosemary

Rosemary started really filling with milk on 6/2/15. The afternoon of the third she started talking and had a slight discharge. About 6:30 she was starting to dig and talk with urgency. At 7:15 pm she delivered a buckling. She became fixated on licking him. It wasn't until about 8:05 pm she finally delivered her second buckling. Both bucks presented with nose and one hoof. Absolutely no problems. She looks like she has a very nice udder. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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